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Sunday, August 18, 2002

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Pennsylvania Pagans Network is a site for followers of Pagan religions who live in the state of Pennsylvania. As you may have noticed most of the site is still under construction. Being a college student much of my time is occupied by either studying or crafting some sort of project. Those who were or are college students know what I'm talking about. So, please be patient. It may take time to totally construct this site, but it will be worth the wait.

Things to come…

In the future this site will be very useful to many. Some areas of the site will be restricted to Pennsylvania residents only, and some will be open to Pagans worldwide.

For Pennsylvania residents only…

"The Network" page will offer visitors a chance to post their contact information (email, screen name, etc.) so that fellow Pagans can contact them via the web.

The "Shops" page will give Pagan shop owners a place to advertise their business. This page will divided into two sections, Local and Online. The Local will be for "brick and mortar" stores and will be restricted to shops located in Pennsylvania. The Online section will be for stores selling products via the web and will be open to owners world wide.

The "Events" page will be a place for planners and organizers to post their festivals and events.

Available to Pagans world wide…

The "Links" page will be a place for everyone to post their own personal Pagan web sites.

The "Online" section of the "Shops" page will be open to stores selling products worldwide via the web.